It’s time to start.

I’ve been procrastinating for weeks now, using all the excuses not to get started with this. The reasons for not starting haven’t changed–I don’t know how to use WordPress, I don’t know what to call this,  I have too many other things to do . . . but it’s time to start.

I’ve  been in Mexico for six weeks now, and I haven’t written a word except for my lesson plans. So these posts won’t necessarily be in chronological order.   I’m going to try to write something every day and that’s going to be a real challenge for me because I’m not good at writing on the fly.

I want to tell about my experiences learning languages, teaching, exploring the world. I’m not writing a travel blog nor a soul-searching, cathartic whine journal. I’m writing in order to practice writing and to share my experiences with the world–or in any case, with anyone who is interested. There may be some whining. There may be some soul-searching. There may be some traveling. I hope there will be some interesting anecdotes and some funny moments and some halfway-decent photos.

This won’t be “good writing” in the beginning.  My intention is that, by the time I’m finished here in Mexico, it will be better.

There’s no real plan here. So, I guess . . . stay tuned.

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