There’s a cool front. It’s raining. The temperature is dropping.

It’s just like Louisiana.

I don’t like it.

I can remember a a cool front in Oretta, maybe 1982, right around Thanksgiving. The weather had been really warm and pleasant for several days; in the eighties. In late afternoon, a slate-colored sky began to build in the northwest. Back then, there were no trees to speak of north of the cemetery … or maybe they had just recently been harvested. I could see the cloud bank approaching: flat, solid gray.  The temperature began to drop. The wind picked up and the floors cooled. Chilly air flowed in through the screens. Rain poured. By morning, the temperature had dropped by more than thirty degrees.

Here I am now, and it’s exactly the same.


Well, maybe not exactly the same. It happened much more slowly here. The clouds approached from the northeast yesterday afternoon.  The rain is sprinkles, not a deluge. The temperature is going down gradually.


The weather app suggested last week that the temperatures would drop into the 40s next week (that means tonight). I don’t really trust the app that much (even ol’ Rob Robin got it wrong now and then), but I don’t want to take any chances. So I went to buy (another) heater.

There’s no heat in the houses here. The locals laughed at me for buying a heater because the temperature was still in the 70s when I went shopping. But I do not like being caught without heat. I bought two heaters three weeks ago, when the first front came through; when I saw that it was going to be in the 40s, I went and got the big gun.


It’s Sunday morning, nine o’clock. It’s cloudy and fifty-five, according to The Weather Channel app. I’m still sitting in bed and just turned on the heater. My feet are chilly but the rest of me is warm. I’m still drinking coffee.

I hate being cold more than pretty much anything I’ve experienced so far in life. When the temperature drops below 70, I want to fly south–farther south, like to the tropics.

When come back after Christmas, I’ll bring my electric blanket with me.


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