I actually worked today. On a Sunday.

Last semester, I stayed late at school three days a week. I knew I wouldn’t work at home, so I stayed at school for the late bus almost every day it was available. By the time November arrived, I was too exhausted and burned out to drag myself to yoga class. I even worked during Thanksgiving break.

After that, I made up my mind to cut back on the late afternoons. I worked hard that last couple of weeks, during finals, studying and planning and getting ready for the Spring semester.

Of course, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I wanted/planned/hoped/intended to.

Now this month, January 2017, is done and I feel like I’ve been behind since the first week.

Still, I’ve only stayed late one or maybe two days this month. And somehow, it always turns out ok. For the most part, I’m enjoying myself. I have a good schedule with plenty of planning time during the day, and I use it. But because 1. I’m a “new teacher” and 2. I’m teaching a subject I never studied in school, I find something every day that I need to implement into my lessons,  and sometimes I don’t have enough time unless I stay late.

This week Friday arrived and I realized that I would need to give a presentation on Monday. There is no late bus on Fridays. So on this last Sunday afternoon of January, I spent about two hours reading and summarizing and making a slide presentation in Google.

When I was finished and had closed the Drive, I told myself, “Now I am a worthy teacher!”


It’s been cold and dreary all day and suddenly I see a bit of blue sky through the curtains. The shadows on the tiles just got sharper. I think I’ll go to the grocery store and come back to this subject another day.




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