“La Plaza Mayor” just means the main square of the town. The one in Madrid is one hectare (10,000 square meters) big. The tourism website for Torreón describes this main plaza as 12,000 square meters. I didn’t measure it, but I guess it is about like a square city block. It was finished in 1914.

The first time I went to El Centro (downtown), was back in September. I hadn’t been anywhere up to that point besides school and the supermarkets. There is a monthly event, called “Moreleando” and I wanted to check it out.

I went early, by Mexican standards. At seven o’clock, the sun had gone down behind the buildings surrounding the plaza and a few (mostly young; but I suppose that’s a relative term) people were strolling along the avenue and in the plaza itself. Nothing else seemed to be happening. I walked around the plaza, taking photos.

And wandered up Avenida Morelos.

I went with coworkers to a concert in La Plaza Mayor for Independence day, and I went again for El Dia de los Muertes.


There was a car show one night; Mustangs. I was sitting on the balcony of Cafe Tumbao when they roared out of the plaza and into the street below me.

The city hall (la Presidencia Municipal), which you can see from the balcony of the cafe, is, according to the government website, one of the most modern in Coahuila. On the opposite side is the federal building where we go to apply for and receive our work visas. It is being completely remodeled from the inside out.

Maybe La Plaza Mayor isn’t as historically significant as La Plaza de Armas but, in my opinion, it’s prettier. There are plenty of places to eat and drink close by and Teatro Isauro Martinez is adjoining (I’ll show you that in another post). The people sitting in the park seem friendly and I feel comfortable walking alone there.

And this Plaza has hollyhocks.


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