I love sunshine.  I love water.

The combination of the two equals Heaven to me.

My oldest brother once told me that the Morgan clan originated beside the sea. Our dad was born in Lakeland, Florida. I was born and raised in the piney woods of Louisiana, but wherever I am, I feel the pull of the sea. I go to the Florida Panhandle every chance I get, and I came really close to hopping on a plane for Ft. Lauderdale this week. The thing that stopped me were the three overnights that came with the cheap ticket.

I’m too old for that.

There’s plenty of sun here in El Norte, and last week I found some water.

After that flu in March, it took me a long time to regain my energy. I won’t bore us with details, but recently, I have been feeling like my normal self again. During the break, I have been out in the mornings, walking in Torreón Jardin, after everyone else has gone to work. The jacaranda trees are blooming and the air is fresh and cool early in the morning.

There are other flowers and things blooming, too. Mesquite, and the bougainvillea that blooms constantly here. And cactus.

Torreón Jardin is a big oval, and in the center of the oval are various landscape features. One of these features is an enormous fountain. I stood there, feeling the mist blow over me, soaking the sun and water into me by way of my skin and breath.

Water is water, wherever you find it. All the water on Earth is part of all the rest. Sure, it can be constrained and redirected and mixed with chemicals and bottled and distilled. But it’s still the same water that Earth started with.

Today, I went out onto my little patio and sloshed some water around. Potted up the moss rose and parsley plants I bought yesterday. Swept the mud through the drain pipe. Stretched my legs out to catch some rays.

El Sol felt kind, loving, patient. I relaxed into it.

The sea will wait for me.

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