My plan to read and share what I’m reading hasn’t really panned out so far this year.

I read one novel and attempted a couple more but they really didn’t satisfy. My professor sent me a hard copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude all the way from Louisiana and I got as far as the insomnia plague before I got distracted by Consider the Fork: A History of How We Cook and Eat by Bee Wilson, whom I only learned about from a stray copy of the The Wall Street Journal in the airport.

I am supposed to be reading The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention, Engagement, and Perseverance for my book study at school. I’m sure it’s really good, but I have such a hard time reading digital books in my laptop . . . well, that’s my excuse, anyway–I can read a book on my phone with the Kindle app if it’s something I’m really interested in, like Consider the Fork or Charlotte’s Web. The Motivated Brain just hasn’t been able to keep my attention.

I’ve been watching Christmas movies in Netflix since I got back from Thanksgiving vacation.

But I have been learning something new every day about teaching. I’m enjoying my days at school and my evenings at home. I’m looking forward to the future and enjoying the present.

Ooooh, I have an idea. I read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow in October.  I’ll download Dickens’A Christmas Carol. That will be fun to revisit.

As one poet remarked, “The best laid plans of mice and men go often awry,” but when they do, if we want to grow and improve, we readjust and bring ourselves back on track or make a new plan and start again.

I wonder if I’ll think of something clever to say about Scrooge?

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